We are the #1 advertising network for vegan and plant-based brands.


Better for your brand and better for the user.

We created VeganAds with a simple mission, to connect vegan and plant-based brands with a highly engaged audience and to provide an advertising experience that suits the lifestyle and ethical believe of our publishers and their users.


Highly-Engaged Audience

Our highly-engaged users fall under some of the most valuable affinity categories for brands.

They love staying informed and are active shoppers, meaning not only are they likely to have disposable income, they are discerning with what they do with it.

Our audience is a perfect fit for brands with high-quality, ethically made, eco-friendly products and services.




Driven by technology.


Our cloud-based ad management platform was built specifically for Advertisers that want to optimize advertising campaigns on the spot.

No delayed reporting, no frustrating spreadsheets: Our delivery, scheduling, reporting, and targeting tools provide you with everything you need to deliver and track advertising campaigns in real-time.


About Us

VeganAds was started by passionate vegans and marketing experts who got frustrated with having to see ads for non-vegan products on websites that would cater to a plant-based and vegan lifestyle.



Florian Radke is an advertising executive with years of experience in the digital advertising space. Florian was part of the founding team of the ad- tech platform BrandAds (now Extreme Reach) and was the marketing mind behind the two hit documentaries WHAT THE HEALTH and COWSPIRACY.

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If you’re interested in showcasing your vegan and plant-based brand or product to a highly engaged vegan and vegan-curious audience, we invite you to apply for our private beta program.

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